The Velce Active Stool has a curved base that encourages healthy posture and gives freedom of movement even while seated. The Velce Active Stool allows us to lean forward to find the lower back’s natural curve and moves as our body moves – copying and supporting our movements. Its concept is inspired by children who often innately rock onto the two front legs of their chairs, instinctively trying to maintain the natural curvature of the spine and find movement. 

The Velce Active Stool is an aesthetically appealing ergonomic seating option designed and made by Anna and Ricardo Lima-Freeman at Velce’s workshop in Sydney. Each piece is handcrafted with an impressive attention to quality and detail from sustainable and premium timbers, sealed with natural oils and waxes and has a brass insignia cast by a local Sydney jeweller. 

* Bespoke also available. 


37.3 x 37.3 x 47cm


The Velce Active stool is a handcrafted item with a lead time of 4 weeks. If you have a date for which you would like to receive the piece sooner please let us know and Velce will do their best to organise this for you.  


Velce, the creation of Anna and Ricardo Lima-Freeman, is all about celebrating, inspiring and finding more physical movement through movement-centric design. The couple work from their home studio in Sydney designing, making and curating Velce’s collection. 

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