This beautiful original acrylic canvas work by Jasmin Zara is a gorgeous homage to her practice. A stunning palette of rich navy and whites dance in a loose and delicate abstract composition on canvas which is framed in a modern box frame.

90 x 120 cm 

Framed in a raw timber float made from Meranti hard wood.




Having chosen a particularly challenging focus in her art, Jasmin Zara displays an exceptional intuitive skill and mature sensitivity in her work. Fascinated by the compositional possibilities of abstract art. Zara skillfully captures the lines of unusual attitudes in combination with her remarkable ability for the use of tones, Jasmin Zara express a state of mind.

Jasmin Zara Copley was born in Darwin in 1978 and moved to South East Queensland in the late 80’s, she now resides in Noosa.

A dynamic natural talent, Jasmin Zara has achieved an impressive number of awards for her Artwork. She was accepted into University on her Art folio alone. Jasmin has been selling her artwork for over 10 years to clients from across the globe as well as holding numerous exhibitions throughout the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, New Zealand and Hong Kong. A passion she was born with, Jasmin has explored many mediums fine art nudes to pure abstracts, photography, charcoal and clay sculpture. She is dedicated to pursuing her artistic passion and always strives to keep evolving.

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