Elegantly pure in form, and exquisitely functional, this unique carafe design is named after the Latin word for a drop of liquid. 
Lifted from its sculptural foot it is filled when upside down via a funnel, which is internally aligned from the base. It is then carefully turned over and the internal funnel assists in the holding and pouring of the vessel. The process of filling and pouring is a celebration of fluidity. At rest on the table it is a utilitarian curiosity, and a true centrepiece with an aura of alchemy and magic. When filled with wine the colour of the contents is a joy to behold. Stilla has been described as "a poetic expression of the elemental nature of liquid and the joys of sharing a drink."

Special mention was made of its unique form and function when it won first prize at the PYD Product of the Year Award 2009. The Stilla Carafe was also voted 'The peoples choice' award for The Bombay Sapphire Design Awards 2011. 

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