Society of Wanderer's luxurious linen is of the highest quality, making it the ultimate bed linen for any stylish home. Crafted from 100% French Flax Linen, this bedding is regarded as luxury item due to its properties and appearance. Linen is a regulating fibre which keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Other benefits include high absorbency and moisture.

Pre-washed and easy to care for, it will retain the original quality. 

No ironing is required, just a simple warm machine wash and medium tumble dry. 

Over time the linen will become softer and more beautiful. 




Queen - 210 x 210cm
King - 245 x 210cm

Packaged in a matching linen bag.

SHEETS include:

Fitted sheet (King, Queen or Double)

Double - 140 x 195 x 40cm

Queen - 152 x 201 x 35cm 
King - 183 x 203 x 35cm

Flat sheet

(King, Queen or Double)

Double - 230 x 265cm

Queen - 240 x 265cm 
King - 275 x 265cm .

Ruffle sheet (King or Queen)

Queen - 240 x 265cm with ruffle on top
King - 275 x 265cm with ruffle on top


Double: 138 x 188 x 35cm

Queen: 152 x 203 x 35cm

King: 182 x 203 x 35cm



Euro Pillowcase Set:

65 x 65cm, includes 2 pillowcases

Standard Pillowcase Set:

50 x 73cm, includes 2 pillowcases.

Ruffle Pillowcase Set: 

50 x 73cm, includes 2 pillowcases.

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