Mr Pinchy & Co pieces are designed and made to last, working with artisans across the globe our pieces exude a masculine air of old world collector presence with a modern relevance. 

Mr Pinchy & Co is unique in that every piece carries with it an imperfection that you can only get from objects made in the truest artisan sense.

These pieces are not pressed out by massive machines from an endless production line in some huge merchandised factory but made using traditional techniques and skills honed over many years.

These marble pieces are handmade by craftsman in the truest sense, combining marble and brass in a marriage of raw luxe. Every piece is unique in that marble is a natural stone and varies in pattern, colour and grain. 

Your piece ordered may vary from the piece in this image. 

Material : Marble and Brass

Colour / Finish: Brass with Smoke Ambaji polished marble.  

24cm x 16cm x 3cm
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