Framed oversized African Tribal Portrait " Lip plate side view" by Louisa Seton.

This woman is from the Mursi tribe, Omo valley, Ethiopia. Lip plates denote beauty and status for women which fetches them a large dowry price. 


Louisa was raised in Nairobi, Kenya surrounded by a rich tapestry of cultural diversity that has informed her creative expression. From an early age she explored remote parts of the country, flying along side her father in his light aircraft.

“Growing up in Africa I lived and interacted with a variety of different communities which helped inspire a deep respect for the people I encountered and the ways in which they live their lives. Language, race and religion were never a cultural barrier, they rather stimulated a natural curiosity in me that went far beyond my formal education. It’s helped me traverse the globe and remain at ease with my camera in a number of unique situations.”

Louisa studied Fine Art at Rhodes University, South Africa, majoring in Photography.
Her first camera was a Nikon FM2. She went on to live and work in London. It was here that Louisa won the 'Travel Photo of the Year', category 'Face to Face’ the largest photographic competition of its kind in Britain at the time. She held her first solo show in London in 2000 and has since staged several solo and joint exhibitions in Australia. Louisa currently lives and freelances in Sydney.

Framed Size: 76.5 x 95cm

Is available to be ordered framed or unframed. 

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