There is a time when you look up into the sky and imagine the possibilities of a cloud's form. It could be a ship, then a horse, then a sheep, but at the same time it is still a cloud.

Enoki's Cumulus lights are a contradiction of themselves. At first glance they are a simple and elegant shape, but with closer inspection they are complex structures with the guise of a simple veil. 


Get the look of The Designory's Rose Bay project by hanging a cluster of Enoki Pendants in your staircase- not only will it help to soften the surroundings, it will also bring attention to the ceiling height and create a feature of this normally forgotten space.


Product Information Cumulus Pendant delivered flat packed.

Designed and made in Australia.

This shade style is made from voile. 


460mm w x 550mm h

660mm w x 780mm h

860mm w x 1015mm h



2.5m of grey or white cotton flex comes with each light. Longer flex is available at an additional cost.

White ceiling rose and plastic lamp holder.

Custom flex colours available upon request.

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