The Design Hunter is thrilled to offer access to the rare Scandinavian Gotland sheepskin rug in natural dark charcoal tones. Gotland is the most coveted of all sheepskins for their signature ringlet curls, luxurious weight, and rich colourings which never lose their silky texture or lustrous hue. A double layer of dense soft undercoat and curly silken cover of dark fur makes this genuine Swedish sheepskin a true rarity.

The ultimate in luxurious floor coverings, this Gotland sheepskin rug will infuse your interior with timeless glamour, effortlessly transitioning from contemporary to classic rooms. An ideal accent for low-traffic spaces such as by your bed or under your desk, or drape it over your favourite chair or bench for exquisite comfort and glamour.

Known as the Rolls Royce of sheepskins the fleece is so fine, lustrous and soft and has the most beautiful clearly defined curls and are well known for their quality and are a highly sought after multi-purpose breed providing fleece, pelts and meat. These pelts are extremely rare, exclusive and one of a kind. 

The Gotland breed is believed to have been established on the Swedish island of Gotland by the Vikings who crossed the native Swedish Gute sheep with Karakul and Romanov sheep brought back from expeditions deep into Russia. The Vikings used these sheep to support their ship crew with meat and skins along their travel route. The breed may have contributed therefore to other northern short tailed breeds such as Finn, Shetland and Icelandic.


Approx 90cm x 80cm


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