Maroon is the new black, well that what we're feeling here at PR. Symbolism is always intertwined in our product and this product does not fall short.
Designed to reference the track of life and the people you meet on that way will hopefully be a memory you might want to be reminded of daily. The hand embroidery is detailed and is delicate so keep this one in a special place away from the kids, dogs and anything else that can sniff out quality when they see it. Keep this one just one just for you. 

We use corn fiber inners as they are both biodegradable and safer for animal welfare.

• 65cm x 65cm (2cm lip edge)
• Custom cotton jacquard design
• Embroidered detail in wool
• Reverse side is plain (no embroidery)
• Hand wash only

This style is part of a bigger family. So if you're looking for a complete look to match back check out these styles.
Crossing Roundie Cushion or if you like the vibe check out these other pieces with similar detail. Hieroglyphic Cushion and throw.

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