It is no often that the concepts of design and functionality come together seamlessly, and much rarer that their combination is rooted in benefits to our health. This is why we were so thrilled to come across this incredible design by Anna and Ricardo, a husband and wife duo who have just created the Velce Active Stool. This incredible product is set to revolutionise the way we choose to sit, not only at home but in the office as well.

Having spent the last two years researching sitting and seating and why ergonomic seating, despite the growing realisation that traditional seating can have negative effects on our health, is scarcely being adopted, even less so beyond the office environment. Their research shows that a significant barrier to the wider adoption of ergonomic furniture to date are perceptions of it being office-like, bulky, heavy and not aesthetically pleasing. Their intention was to create a stool that would improve wellbeing while complementing everyday living spaces.

The couple work from their home studio in Sydney designing, making and curating Velce’s collection, which is now in its third year. Velce is all about celebrating, inspiring and encouraging more physical movement through movement-centric design.

The Velce Active Stool, with its curved base, encourages healthy posture and gentle movement. Its concept is inspired by the way children innately rock onto the two front legs of their chairs, instinctively trying to maintain the natural curvature of the spine and find ways to move. The stool’s ergonomic concept is very similar to a Swiss Ball. It allows movement side-to-side, forward and back, diagonally and even twisting while seated. 


The stool is designed and made by the hands of Velce - handcrafted with upmost attention to quality and detail from sustainable timbers and finished with natural oils and waxes. We are so thrilled to be stocking the Velce Active stool as a part of The Designory's curated design collection on The Design Hunter. Click here to shop.

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