We loved working with Belinda Kirkpatrick recently to create a beautiful space for her new Double Bay office.  As one of Australia’s leading naturopathic practitioners in women’s health, she needed a calming and relaxed environment for herself and her clients to meet and work together.  Pulling together a serene palette of greys and blues with accents of timber, leather and loads of plants has created just the right space for clients and families to meet in a relaxed environment. With a stunning Georgia Zweep "Drops” original gracing the wall, a hand knotted macramé hanger by Smalltown and some hand crafted desk trellis legs by B2 Construction, the finishing touches were added and brought the space to life.

We sat down with Belinda this week to ask her a few questions about the project – as well as an exciting new project she’s been working on!

How is your office a reflection of how you work? 
My office is such a calm and relaxing space and my clients  all comment on how good they feel when they come in. It  is so important to me that clients feel comfortable in my  space as it allows us to develop a really great working  relationship.
What is your personal style? Was this an important factor when pulling together the look and feel for the office?
I was really open to suggestions from the TDH team when creating the style for my office. I am not creative enough to know exactly what I wanted but only knew what I loved when I saw it. I trusted in their design process and experience  and am thrilled with the results.


What’s your favourite thing about your new work-space?
I love the level of calm that I feel when I come to work and I also love that there are separate spaces or areas in the room. Clients can choose to sit on the sofa or at the desk and the kids love colouring in and playing at the play table.
We hear you’ve just launched a fabulous new App focused on Women’s health called SEED Health - tell us about it and where the idea for the Seed App came from? 
I was inspired to create Seed to allow a really wide network of women to have access to quality naturopathic advice. I was also getting really frustrated with using period tracking apps that all looked like they were designed for little girls and that did nothing except record your periods and symptoms - I wanted something that used that data to create personalised suggestions for how to improve them! Users keep commenting that they so happy with the gorgeous recipes and meal suggestions. Seed really is like having a naturopathic consultation at your fingertips.  
We know you have a busy holistic health practice, and a new App, but we hear there’s more to see from you in the next year – what are you working on?
I am working on a hormonal health book for women which is due for release next October. The book will contain everything you need to improve your energy, boost your mood and achieve all your hormonal health goals whether that is for conception or symptom free periods. The book will contain 50 gorgeous recipes and beautiful photography. The Seed Pregnancy app is also in the pipeline!
The Design Hunter team are big fans and regular clients of Belinda and her team – she’s definitely been on our speed dial for some time!  With multiple health degrees under her belt, Belinda is definitely on a mission to elevate the health and life quality for Australian women - and around the world it seems!  Connect with Belinda at belinda@belindakirkpatrick.com.au or on Ph: 9363 4470 or download the SEED Health App here!  You can keep up to date with all of her fabulous recipes and great health tips via her newsletter and social media.