Holidays for me are all about tropical locations with constant dips in the ocean and drinking coconuts between massages. While my latest trip to Thailand was all these things and more, it did have to come to an end and coming back to this cooler weather has been difficult. So apart from “missing” your flight […]

Creating a Dream Bedroom

Making your bed a beautiful haven is a must these days! Let’s face it, we spend almost half of our lives in bed so who wouldn’t want to wake up surrounded in beautiful, quality linen bedding? When investing in linen many people feel intimidated by choosing which colours to buy… here are our tips for […]


As designers, we continually preach the importance of the final details within a home’s overall design… whilst it is amazing to have a designer sofa you purchased for more money than most would spend on a mid-range car, it will ultimately look cheap if the room it sits within hasn’t considered the smaller, yet vitally […]

Caesarstone, behind the brand.

When it comes to counter tops in the Australian residential and commercial sector, one name springs to mind when considering longevity, design and technology- Caesarstone. This is not hard to fathom as this incredible brand has been pioneering Quartz technology since 1987 and transforming Australian interiors since 2001. We caught up with Linda Hannah, who […]

Getting cozy with Cavalier Bremworth

It is around this time of year that things start to cool down, you reach for your slippers and start considering ways to warm up your space… it was in this perfect time of year that we started laying the carpet at Ayana House. Every year clients, magazines and even our followers across social media […]

Getting cozy with Aurora Suspended Fireplaces

We love learning about the story behind some of the brands we know and love, some we know but others are new and inspiring- such was the case with Aurora Suspended Fireplaces. When director, Melissa decided she wanted to use a suspended fireplace in the living room at Ayana House only one name strung to […]

Omvivo, an Australian Story.

It has been a very busy few weeks on-site at Ayana House. From design to installation this project has moved so incredibly quickly especially in relation to the bathroom spaces which were one of main spaces which were considered in the design phase. A great bathroom not only increases the resale value of a home, […]

Add a touch of leather

Love leather but not sure how to incorporate it into your interior? Touches of leather have become our go-to pieces at the moment – the leather strap mirror, we wanted to help you make subtle incorporations at home. Love leather but not sure how to incorporate it into your interior? Touches of leather have become […]


With the weather around Australia having us all sweltering it seemed like no better time for us to share our latest brand obsession, Brooklyn Copper. This brand is the brainchild of Simon Cullum, a plumber whom we have worked with on numerous occasions throughout our many builds and renovations in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Simon’s bespoke copper […]