main-copy Design in all it’s forms is often heavily inspired by travel – the opportunity to see and experience new things, new perspectives, new ideas.  Many of our suppliers at The Design Hunter are global travellers, so we asked a few of them for some of their favourite places and experiences to hopefully inspire you all in your own travels – and homes of course! Arran Russel and Jacqui Lewis – The Broad Place Favourite travel destination … Tokyo – we love everything about this city the food, the people, the shopping, the culture. I’ve been 6 times and it keeps getting better. We discover new pockets to this city every time.  We plan on living here one day. broad-place-1 Places I’ve been … Arran: I lived in Vietnam and London in my early to mid twenties and did a lot of travelling throughout Europe whilst there.  Jac lived in Spain for a while in her early twenties and also traveled through parts of Europe. In the last 3 years we’ve been to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Osaka, Kagoshima, Kyoto, New York, LA, Palm Springs, Bali, Nusa Lombongan, Lombok, Dehli, Jaipur, Kerila, Dubai. We often keep going back to the same places whether for work or pleasure so for most of these its multiple times! Places I want to go …
  1. Alaska, because of Northern Exposure, loved that show.
  2. Sri Lanka for the food and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the people and the country side as well as apparently great surf.
  3. Back to Tokyo as many times as possible.
Best kept secret to travelling … Remember you’re in their country, be patient. broad-place-2 Being known for your own retreats, can you tell us your most memorable one anywhere in the world so far? Arran: For me, it would be a rounding retreat we held ourselves in Gerroa earlier in the year where we had an amazing group of people who all clicked and got on really well – which is always a concern when you have 12 people who have never meet before.  I sat in as a guest on this one so it was great to see Jac in her element.  Her attention to detail is unsurpassed. Rounding enables you to release immense amounts of stress from your mind and body. This technique helps you release years of built up fatigue, stress and tension.  3 days straight of this is like having a 3 week holiday – I’ve never felt so relaxed and calm. The highlight would have to be Jac’s cooking, She makes the most amazing meals for everyone. We would all sit at a massive communal table and dine together for Lunch and Dinner in such a relaxed environment. I’m sure our most memorable one is about to come as we leave next week for India ­­with 24 people for two weeks through Dehli & Jaipur with a week of Panchakarma which is an Ayurvedic tradition of treatments to cleanse and purify your body. Every possible element has been thought of and is organised for our guests so they can completely relax. broad-place-3 Travel is … Everything to us, we get so inspired whilst travelling. Our best ideas come to us whilst travelling.   Almira Armstrong – Lumira Luxury Home Fragrances Favourite travel destination … Hawaii!!! hawaii-3 Places I’ve been … Whilst living in London I was lucky enough to travel through Europe…Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Bosnia, Croatia and would have to say my favourite place for the sun is Taormina and my favourite city is Amsterdam.  I have also travelled extensively through Asia and the US with New York being the city where my son was born. Places I want to go … Morocco, Turkey and Sardinia. Best kept secret to travelling … Book economy flights and upgrade to business class using frequent flyer points. Travel… Opens the mind to new experiences and memories.   Jared Cadry – Cadry’s Classic, Contemporary & Custom Rugs Favourite travel destination … Tel Aviv, it’s the most beautiful and vibrant city that I try to visit at least once a year. From the parties to the people, the beaches and the cuisine, its a city with everything you could wish for on a holiday. Places I’ve been … A few of the standout cities so far have been Istanbul, Jaipur, Tel Aviv, Mykonos, Rome, Los Angeles and The Bahamas. instanbul Places I want to go … Turks & Ciacos and Morocco are the next on the list. Best kept secret to travelling … I will always try to fly at night and fly light, its gives you a reason to go shopping? It’s the chance to bring items home that will remind you of where you’ve been. Tell us about your most memorable trip so far? Beresheet in The Negev Desert, located 800m above sea level with stunning views of the arid landscape. It’s a unique and exotic place to relax, unwind and re-energise with family and friends. beresheet Travel is … To live, discover and lose track of the date, the day and the time.  

hero image from The Wolf and The Wardrobe.