The time has come to pull the curtain back and reveal our Re-Love project for Feast Watson. This project is very close to our hearts as the piece will be auctioned off next month, will all proceeds going to Salvo’s stores… We completely transformed our chest of draws through some great products from Feast Watson, a beautiful pieces of marble from Marble and Ceramic Corp and black and white cowhide draws from NSW Leather Co. We asked creators Melissa and Margo how they went about realising this amazing transformation… chest   What products did you use to transform your piece? We used Feast Watson Lime Wash on the sides of the piece to cover up and neutralise the wood grain, Feast Watson Black Japan Stain on the draw fronts & Feast Watson Clear Varnish over the top. We then transformed the construction of the piece by inlaying a New York Marble slab on the top, Brass Handles, Cowhide lined draws. DSC_6740_Holly_Stanton-2 Why did you choose your piece of furniture? We were lucky enough to have a friend offer this piece to us. It was so sturdy and simple in it’s construction that we thought we could really turn it from something drab to something fab! What was your design vision or inspiration? We wanted to create a luxe piece for the home combining some of our favourite materials and finishes. IMG_0067 How did you achieve your design vision? We approached the project like any of our design projects.
  1. We found some inspiration images to springboard our ideas from.
  2. We created a concept board of potential finishes and materials
  3. Before putting sandpaper to timber we sourced some of our materials – all generous donations from some great industry contacts, such as the brass handles (The Design Hunter), the marble (Marble & Ceramic Corp) and the cowhide (NSW Leather & Co).
  4. Sanding! We borrowed some serious sanding equipment from our good friends at B2 Construction as the paint on the old piece was really thick! We used a Festool to sand the entire piece with 80 grit paper, then 120 and lastly 240 grit.
  5. We wiped the whole piece clean.
  6. We then applied the Feast Watson Black Japan stain to the drawer fronts. We only used one coat as we wanted to see the timber grain underneath.
  7. We had to call in the assistance of our B2 Construction friends again to cut the top ready for the marble insert using a jigsaw and circular saw – we weren’t keen to get too “creative” with the power tools!!
  8. We applied the Feast Watson Lime Wash to the inside of the drawers (3 coats) and also to the exterior of the main drawers (1 coat).
  9. We finished the entire piece with 2 coats of Feast Watson Clear Varnish so that the finishes would be hard wearing.
  10. We cut the hide to fit to the drawers and fixed them in place.
  11. We collected the marble insert after it had been polished and given a modern pencil round edge by the MCC stonemasons and laid it in place fixing it with adhesive.
  12. We screwed on the brass handles and viola!! Finished!
  DSC_6756_Holly_Stanton What is your best tip for an up-cycling project? Spend the time needed to create a great result. Jobs like sanding are hard work, but spending a bit of extra time getting the result just right will be worth it in the end! What tips do you have for choosing an up-cycling project?  Is it all about the structure of the piece? The structure of the piece of furniture really is key to the success of the project. The piece you choose for that next project needs to be well put together structurally, able to be easy to repair or you need to have a friendly builder or handyman at your disposal! If the “bones” of the piece are good it will give you the perfect platform to create from. What did you enjoy most about the Re-Love project? There’s nothing quite like watching something come to life before your eyes and knowing that you’ve personally put the effort it to create it. It makes the piece so much more enjoyable!  

Stay tuned for details on how to bid on our project…