It is hard to deny that you get just as much (if not more) joy from giving a gift than receiving one.  The thrill and contentment that you feel whilst making someone happy is more powerful than possibly ever imagined, especially if you have put a lot of thought into the present. A gift is something that is enjoyed twice, first by the giver who reveals the pleasure of giving something special and then also enjoyed by the person who receives the gift. There is something inexplicability satisfying in witnessing people unwrap a gift and respond with unaltered amazement and happiness. Generosity makes us human and perhaps the reason it feels so good to give is that we know deep down, that even in a very small way, an individual can change the world. All it takes is one small act of kindness. When giving to others it activates pleasure, social connection and a warm fuzzy feeling inside. However it isn’t as simple as just wrapping up something you bought online and giving it to someone, a gift which has been thoughtfully selected, beautifully wrapped and given says the most.     The art of wrapping gifts Gift wrapping adds so much to the gift. It shows the time and care which was considered whilst wrapping the gifts. It’s easy to make the perfect gift even more special when you use creative gift wrap. Enhance the surprise and anticipation with the perfect gift wrapping. GIFT_GIVING Tips and tricks:
  •  Start on a hard surface.
ensure you work at a table or bench so you can spread out. It is very difficult to wrap beautifully on a soft surface as the gift will be moving around.
  • Sharp scissors.
Keep your scissors sharp so that you cut your wrapping straight and cut your ribbon without any frays.
  • Quality wrapping paper.
This is one of the most important parts of beautiful wrapping, don’t skimp on the paper. Invest in heavy stocks in beautiful matte tones and interesting patterns. Look out of prints which incorporate metallic elements tastefully or have a “hand-painted” look for ultimate appeal.
  • Invest in beautiful ribbons.
Look for gorgeous ribbons made in unusual materials like jute, silk or linen. You can also layer ribbons of different sizes to create drama and interest. Ribbons in matching or contrasting tones to your wrapping will create a unified look.
  • Make beautiful bows.
Make your bows big and billowy, here are some YouTube videos about creating the perfect gift wrapping bow: click here.
  •  Incorporate nature into the wrapping.
Work some flowers or herbs into your wrapping for a designer feel. Australian natives like Banksia and Waratahs work best as they require little water and won’t wilt. Try Rosemary for Christmas presents or more rustically wrapped gifts, it will look great but smell amazing too!