This beautiful free-standing weatherboard home was the beloved family home of our client and her husband and three children.  They loved their home and it’s layout and functionality for them as a family but it was feeling tired and lack-luster and they wanted to inject some colour and personality in to it.  The project brief was to decorate and style most rooms within the home to create a cohesive, layered and finished look while including their many treasured pieces and collections from family life.  Two different living zones were created – one which was designed more for the adults and the second downstairs for the children with a connection to the backyard and pool.  The Kitchen and connected dining area were updated with some tweaks to the joinery, a chalkboard wall and some clever styling.
Some beautiful Mark Tuckey pieces had already been sourced for the Master Bedroom so a favourite piece of art was used as the inspiration to complete the room and it was given some finishing touches with linen, beautiful blankets, lighting and small furniture.
Last but not least on the list were the guest and children’s bedrooms.  Each child was given a unique look based on elements that they loved – a colour, a picture or a favorite item.  Finally all art was placed throughout the home and collections displayed on new furniture or in new found nooks.
The end result for the home is a beautiful, vibrant family home that pulls together all of the things that they loved in a new and fresh environment – hopefully for them to enjoy for many years to come.