At this time of the year, a lot of us host house guests. If your guest bedroom is looking more like a storage room or home office than a haven, we have some tips to help you give it an instant update.

At this time of the year, a lot of us are hosting house guests. If your guest bedroom is a little more storage room or home office than a haven, we have some tips to give it an instant update.


 Invest in some good quality sheets and towels.


It’s really not hard to create a luxe experience – step 1, don’t give your guests your sad old towel or sheet sets. Beautiful linen and towels will set the mood and tone for your space. Made in Turkey, Bemboka’s range of beautiful pure cotton bath towels are one of our most popular items in-store and online.

Often used in commercial situations, these luxury towels are tough but also soft, thick, highly absorbent and long-lasting. With their sophisticated neutral colour palette, they’ll look at home in any interior.

When it comes to luxurious bedding, you can’t go past our new range of Hale Mercantile Co bedlinen (pictured below). While definitely an investment, if cared for properly this European linen will last a lifetime and only improve with age. Consider using four standard pillows and two Europeans, this will not only create a luxe look but will make it possible for your guests to sit up in bed to read.


Use Mirrors, especially if your space is small!

Not just handy for helping your guest get ready for any festivities, a well-placed mirror can enhance the sense of space in the room.

Our round brass mirror is classic and just the right size. It looks great in a cluster of 2 or 3, the perfect balance of form and function.


Freshen your guest room with flowers

You don’t need a huge bouquet to make an impact, plus it’ll take up too much room and could be a bit overwhelming! A couple of buds in a small vase is perfect or you could put in one of our beautiful fiddle leaf figs in a basket or pot to freshen up the space.


Use scent as decor

Provide atmospheric fragrance with our Ashley & Co home perfumes or a gorgeous candle from Lumira or Maison Balzac.A collection of mini bars of soap from Ashley & Co will add to the boutique hotel feel.

Make the power point accessible

Spare your guests the hassle of scrambling around on the floor looking for a spot to charge their phone or plug in their hairdryer. A well-placed power board should do the trick

Provide a bench or trunk

A bench at the bottom of the bed or along one wall creates an easy spot for guests to place their suitcases, or miscellaneous belongings. A basket is also handy for storing extra towels and blankets.

Consider the little things

A water glass and carafe next to the bed and even a small bowl with some fruit and maybe some muesli bars can make the world of difference to a guest’s experience.

No one wants to be found fossicking around in a foreign kitchen in the wee hours hunting for water or a snack!