Splash-backs, sinks, walls, floors, counter tops and shelves – all perfect places for the timeless beauty of marble. If you’re keen to invest in quality for your home, you cant go past marble for its durability, strength and enduring elegance.  You can also add a little luxe to each room in your your home with marble accents in homewares and furniture.   Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 10.56.54 AM 5e76cc729bd4b12745bb28a981a56f15 bb7be59978e52743f59be06593b59284 eb76611e265cb92ff5cc19745ca7edfa 0a28b9df1251318e01b32d23f53320a4 Image: Designstuff e50384b7583b51614fbc66065a170b0d Image: White and Capsule 974448ccd2fce8925f4a7685989ec092 Image: Australian Interior Design Awards 005f4197dea186d8c4395db059f8cd25 Image: Apartment Therapy 323b82e3e028e7c56506e770f6466d44 Image: We Are Huntly e1e86c86b46a7c2501a859ac945e024c Image: West Elm