Picked up a Fiddle Leaf Fig but convinced you too lack a green thumb? Landscape designer Adam Robinson shares his tips to keep your plant not just alive, but to get it to thrive!

This Fiddle Leaf Fig is now about 3 years old and was .7 metres high when it was purchased- it has grown up very well.


The Ficus Lyrata, more commonly known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, is a gorgeous bulletproof indoor plant. Grown in their natural environment outdoors, they can develop into a large tree.

This means when placed indoors they can grow into an impressive size, but they don’t have to! By containing them in a pot they become like a bonsai. Fiddle leafs do best in a well-lit position indoors but out of direct sunlight

Looking after your Fiddle Leaf Fig is pretty simple

Image: Balcony Garden Web

Here are some tips:

Watering your Fiddle Leaf Fig

I suggest applying a litre of water once a week. You can do this more often if you’ve got it in a position that catches some north or western sun.

The plant likes drying out in-between each water, so be mindful to not overwater these guys.

Plant food and leaf care

The Fiddle Leaf has large lush dark green leaves, to keep these looking their best use a liquid fertiliser in conjunction with a seaweed concentrate.

The fertiliser is food for the plans whilst the seaweed concentrate is a plant tonic to keep the health up to the plant. I suggest Power Feed and Season.

Clean the leaves with a soft sponge and water or paper towel to remove dust and improve their glossy appearance.


love a light and sunny position. Try to avoid dark corners and the hot western sun coming in from a window. Avoid air conditioning and blasts of warm air from central heating where you can.


Image: House Beautiful Magazine


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