It has been an incredibly busy couple of weeks on-site at Ayana House, with the team from The Designory and B2 Construction working feverishly to bring their designs to life at our latest development… We are so excited to share with you some of our progress images, with plenty more on the way over the next couple of weeks. To see live updates be sure to follow The Designory & OTTONN Group on Instagram.

Curved Wall Features: 

From the early stages when we began designing Ayana House (see plans here), we wanted to make curves a feature of the home to bring a softness to the boxiness of the existing house. Not only does it add a beautiful design detail but it also helps to soften spaces and divide rooms whilst not closing them in.  Incorporating curved walls into our Master Bedroom and also the Entry has already made a huge difference to the feel of the spaces. The building team have worked tirelessly to get the effect just right, and we were all extremely excited to see the effect come to life when the battens were attached last week.  

The Perfect Palette:

Choosing the perfect paint colours for the rooms and finishes in your home can be a big task.  It is needless to say that you need to double, and sometimes triple check your colours before you decide which is the best choice for you and for your space. Our Design Assistant Ali spent plenty of time last week painting sample patches on the upstairs bedrooms, kitchen and living areas at Ayana House to see the colours in different spaces and different light. The decision is much easier to make when you see the effect of the colour within the space you want to paint. It is important to remember that each room in your home has a different exposure to natural light, a different size and feel – meaning the colours will always appear different depending on the space it is painted within. A great way to deal with that is to use different strengths of a colour in different areas.  If you love a specific colour, like we did with Dulux’s ‘Tranquil Retreat’, buy a sample pot of it in half strength and double strength as well – then paint alongside and see which tone works best.

Making a choice in regards to your interior palette should always be made whilst considering the other elements within your home, this includes carpet, rugs, joinery and countertops. We have already chosen some great materials (as above) so it was important to make sure everything works perfectly together: Carpet from Cavalier Bremworth, Countertops from Caesarstone: Wild Rocks for the desktop in the study, Pure White for the kitchen and desktops in the bedrooms, Super Granite from Marable for the Kitchen Island and Black American Walnut for some of the joinery. Once you have made the decisions for the major materials used throughout your home it makes other decisions along the way much easier.    

The Perfect Finish: 

In the new kitchen, dining and living area at Ayana House we have had the walls finished with a stucco render, creating a textured, icy smooth and glossy finish. This space is now looking alive, fresh and very modern. The introduction of new windows, skylights and sliding doors has now allowed plenty of natural light into the space, making this finish really stand out.  

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Make a Splash: 

You simply cannot have a luxury holiday vibe in your home unless you have a pool !  It was so exciting seeing this pool brought to life in the backyard of Ayana House last week. This space will now become one of the main gathering points in the home, allowing entertaining and relaxing in the courtyard whilst the kids play in the pool. Once the concrete has fully cured we will be tiling the pool in a deep dark teal green, creating a Mediterranean look which will work perfectly with the palms and greenery of the surrounding garden.