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To celebrate the launch of Stephanie Hunter’s new collection of limited edition prints online at The Design Hunter we decided to catch up with Steph and find out what she has been up to! Many of our followers will remember Steph fondly as she was one of our interior designers last year before she made the move back to the country in late 2016. With a passion and talent for photography her incredible new range of prints, captured in Sydney and in the country are sure to be highly sought after on The Design Hunter’s new look online store.

WHAT DOES AN AVERAGE DAY LOOK LIKE? Because I am also working as a landscape architect, I do most of my work on the weekends. A typical day of shooting starts with a bit of planning the day before. Where am I going? What time do I need to be there? What shots am I trying to get? The golden hour of the morning is my favourite time to shoot so I am usually up before sunrise and on my way to location for a couple of hours of shooting. After this it is it is time for a coffee and some breakfast, my favourite time of the day. From here I will set up at home and go through and edit all of my photos taken that morning and select my favourite five for the day. If I don’t have another shoot planned for the weekend, I am usually spending time with friends and family, on the road, or relaxing at home. My camera comes with me wherever I go as everyone around me would tell you. WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON NOW? I am currently working on developing my new rural collection. Earlier this year I made the move back out to the country after living in Sydney for nine years. I feel like I have a whole world to discover again as I am so used to shooting the white sand beaches and blue hues of the coastline. I have loved photographing the warm tones of the country landscape, the animals and the people. The scenery adjustment has forced me to rethink a lot about how and what I capture in my photos, so I am learning and practising day by day.
TELL US ABOUT YOUR HOME? I grew up on a cropping and livestock farm five hours from Sydney, near Young NSW. As one of four girls living 40km out of town, we spent a lot of time together outside, around family and friends. I really appreciate this now as such a special way to grow up. My home has always felt like a bit of a retreat for me. After living in Sydney for nine years going home meant it was holiday time or a relaxing weekend away. I always feel very inspired by the stories I hear, people I see and the surrounding landscape when I am home. TELL US ABOUT YOUR PRINTS? I have always had a passion for photography. Growing up my mother photographed every moment. Mum’s love for the art of photography allowed us to appreciate capturing moments of beauty from a young age. At 21 I finally invested in my own camera and since then have not stopped shooting! My prints aim to encourage people to live a simpler and more balanced life. I love the idea that by making my images available for everyone to have in their homes that each day they can share in these moments.
  YOUR INTERIOR STYLE? My interior style is forever changing but its eclectic, full of textures and colour.
“ICEBERGS I” by Stephanie Hunter
FAVOURITE LIVING RITUALS? I love lighting a candle at the dinner table every night. GO TO TRAVEL DESTINATION? Italy! I love the culture, the colour of the landscape and of course the food!
WHAT ARE YOU READING? I am in love with Conde Nast Traveller magazine at the moment. I am so inspired by the articles and photographs in every edition. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN A HOME? A fabulous entertaining space for friends and family. I think a home is made best when it is filled with company. WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION? Instagram and Pinterest, travel magazines and our Australian landscape. I am lucky to have such a beautiful place to call home where inspiration comes easily.
“YOU & ME” by Stephanie Hunter
THE NEXT STEP IN YOUR BUSINESS? I am continuously working on my rural collection and also photographing the beauty of the coastline whenever I get the opportunity. I am planning to travel into the Northern Territory later this year which I am so excited for and it should lead to an amazing collection. I will keep building my online store and hope to also build more relationships with different retailers such as The Design Hunter. I am looking forward to a few exciting collaborations during the year. You can purchase a limited edition collection of Stephanie’s prints online from The Design Hunter. Available framed or unframed these photographic works are a beautiful way to introduce colour to any interior space and are a celebrate of the Australian country and beachside landscapes.


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