Pinchy-Crab-Claw-bottle-opener Mr Pinchy & Co pieces are designed and made to last, working with artisans across the globe their pieces exude a masculine air of old world collector presence with a modern relevance. We were lucky enough to catch up with Michael, the brains behind this unique brand. MPC-Packaging-wrap-With-Pinchy-Claw1. We’ve been loving your little brass creatures for a while now and enjoy your eye for detail when recreating them. Can you tell us about how the Mr Pinchy brand came to life? Ah there is a funny story behind this… The name actually started with the ‘Mr Pinchy’ crab, our first piece which we had purchased from a craftsman in a small village in Java (Indonesia)… Lou my wife to be and now business partner were back at our Villa, some discussion ensued with several drinks to loosen the creative thoughts about developing a brand around the crab piece we had just bought… Now this is where it gets risqué… I de-robed into the pool and began a crab dance using my hands as claws and danced side to side as you’d imagine a crab would do… Lou in hysterics said oh ‘Mr Pinchy’ and then and there it stuck! We love brands that don’t take themselves too seriously but are passionate about producing quality pieces. Mr-Pinchy-Bondi 2. Where do you draw your inspiration for the collections from? Mr Pinchy & Co draws inspiration from the rawness of the animal kingdom with our sourcing and design process always lead by what objects would we like to have in our own house. Brass is a timeless material that carries an old world feel which encapsulates what Mr Pinchy & Co is all about, beautiful and masculine pieces that are made to last. 3. We love your latest inclusions of Champagne coolers and gorgeous serving trays. What’s next for the Mr Pinchy range? Without giving too much away we are currently developing more animals along with a further entertainer range incorporating our signature brass accents, marble and some new materials you haven’t seen from us yet… Stand by Life In Style Melbourne. The-Ava-Champagne-Chiller-Outdoor-setting 4. What does a typical day for Michael Beer, aka Mr Pinchy, look like? It’s a juggling act shared with my wife and business partner across day to day Mr Pinchy & Co and our young kids, nothing is ever as structured as you would hope but there are many people doing the same thing as us! Thus many a late night ensues… The-Ava-Champagne-Chiller-Fire-setting 5. What’s a lesson you’ve learned in starting your unique and creative business? Keep pursuing what you truly believe in, it sometimes seems like a long road but if you are passionate about your brand and your product is unique people will engage with it. It is also extremely important to stand behind your design and don’t let a manufacturer tell you it can’t be done… The designer/manufacturer relationship is key, it’s the difference between shit boring seen everywhere product and amazing product.