We have long been in love with the idea of the vertical garden and it’s ability to be used indoors and outdoors to create the most incredible sanctuary and sense of luxury within a space.  We’ve gotten especially enthused over the last few months as we have incorporated the “green wall” in to a number of our current projects.

Larissa is working on the update and rejuvenation of a local cafe space in Woollahra and part of her sumptuous palette and concept involves an awesome indoor green wall – Larissa goes in to detail about the project on our blog click here to find out more.  Margo and Melissa have also proposed a 4m high green wall or vertical garden on our latest major design and build project in Darling St, Bronte.  Aimed at softening the bulk and scale of the proposed works, the wall aims to provide visual interest, environmental benefits and much needed privacy for the occupants.

As part of our research we caught up with locally based Sam Collins from Greenwall Australia earlier in the week and we asked him a few questions about the work they’re doing …


Why a green wall?

Not only are they beautiful, Greenwalls are a great way to get a lot of plants into an area without taking up a large footprint. Greenwalls offer acoustic baffling qualities, as well as acting as a natural insulator against both heat and cold.


How do they work?

With Skale we have simplified the process so that anyone can install their own Greenwall now. It is simply a matter of hanging potted plants on to a wall, hooking up some irrigation and a timer. Then you’re away!

Benefits of installing a green wall …

Apart from the wonderful aesthetic, Greenwall’s clean the air and the root zones will denature volatile organic compounds emitted by all electrical equipment, paints, plastic and pollution. The list of positives is endless.


Installation you are most proud of …

It’s hard to pick a favourite but we recently installed a 4 sided Greenwall in the stairwell of an office space which we believe is the first of it’s kind in Australia. Last year we installed a 100sqm wall into a major Brisbane shopping centre which was visually spectacular, but some of the most rewarding jobs have been small scale domestic installations creating a beautiful garden space made entirely of edibles.


Dream green wall project?

To team up with an inner city developer and create an apartment block where every tenant had a stunning Greenwall on their balcony. We believe that will be the direction we will move to in the future.





Interested in breathing life into your space?

Talk to Sam Collins Business Development Director at