IMAGE-26-746x1024 This week we’ve been chatting to the lovely local artist, Danielle Cross, who currently has a few of her works on display at The Design Hunter. Please tell us a bit about what led you to become an artist? My artistic background started from a early age in a very creative family, within both fine arts and performing arts. My secondary school years where always spent in the Visual Arts studio. Upon leaving school, I studied Interior Design at Enmore Design Centre. This gave my a great knowledge and ground in design elements and colour psychology. I was consistently painting during those years and while living abroad I started receiving painting commissions. Through this process I started to take my career as a professional artist more seriously and on our relocation back to Sydney I held a successful pop up art show in which over 85% of artworks sold. “The rest in history” as they say! IMG_6852-813x1024 Where does your inspiration come from? A lot of my inspiration come from visual and emotional memories of times spent abroad. My Italian heritage and time living in France, the European way of life in general are all great influences! Inspiration also can come from the everyday experiences. There is magic that happens in our everyday lives when we let ourselves go and experience. IMG_6815-1024x938 As a local Eastern Suburbs girl, what are some of your favourite local spots? Ruby’s Diner for a dingo (3/4 Latte) and a raw breakfast salad, amazing!! Vacanza, Charing Cross for seriously the best italian pizza! Il Pizzaiolo del Diavola is my fave. Summer afternoons at North Bondi Beach and cocktails at The Cubby House in Randwick. As we just adopted a rescue dog, Frankie, we also spend most afternoons in Varna park. Besides creating stunning paintings, what else are you passionate about? Considering my interiors background I continually change design elements including furniture, layout, colours etc. It has become a running joke with my husband and daughters as the house is never the same as when they left it! I’m also passionate about making more time for Yoga and green juices and teaching my girls, (Marley, 9 and Evy, 5), that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. How would you describe your personal style? My personal style is based on mood and comfort. It mainly consists of jeans & killer shoes, Nike sky high’s are on high rotations at the moment! Bold heels for evening. I would say my style is edgy, blended & bold. IMG_6810-768x1024 What are the three words that sum up your work? Layered, abstract, bold. I never leave home without: Unfortunately I’d have to say my phone, as my whole life is in it! And red lipstick! I buy furniture, art and homewares that: Speaks to me! I strongly believe that you have to fall in love with key pieces. Home interiors need to connect with you as it’s your sanctuary and place to feel the most relaxed, comfortable and connected. I leave by the philosophy that: “Luck is a skill.” We work hard to put ourselves in a position to be lucky, therefore I believe luck is a skill. Also that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s more like a cha-cha!! Danielle has two of her work’s, Ruby Sky and Cold Snap, on display at The Design Hunter and is also currently holding an exhibition of her work entitled Xamoré, at the Sydney Children’s Hopsital, Randwick which runs until August.