Gracing the walls of The Design Hunter store this week is a striking and moody image from the well-regarded photographer, Brett Stevens.  Part of a recent body of work that evokes a “Dirty Urban” vibe, Brett is releasing his stunning works for sale and we’re thrilled he’s allowed us to be part of that journey.


We’ve been watching you on Social Media for a while now and enjoying your eye for detail and interesting perspectives. Can you tell us about your latest series of images from a vintage pool? Intriguing!

Yes, I had been commissioned for an assignment in South Australia’s Barossa Valley during winter and we had some down time one afternoon. My assistant and I decided to go for a walk around town (in different directions) and I came across this local swimming centre where the pool had almost completely been drained. The remaining water was an iridescent green from algae and the juxtaposition of that colour against the ageing, pale, blue of the pool walls and floor was electric. What I found most interesting was the fading black lane markers, depth indicators and signage still remaining as a reminder of more frequented times.


Where do you draw your inspiration for the collections from?

I have coined the term ‘Dirty Urban’, I am interested in the void, the gap between crowded and vacant, often the environment created by humans but without their presence in my images. Most of my projects are of man made environments that have been left to ruin or vacated many years ago – these scenarios challenge me to create a visual story of once what was.

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You travel a lot for work and pleasure, do you have a favourite place to visit when it comes to taking time out for yourself?

Travelling is a taxing element of my work life – so much equipment, time pressures, location changes so when I travel for pleasure I feel like I am still working but for myself. My fascination with the Americas continues on after my first trip to Los Angeles 25 years ago and I still love returning to cities on both West and East coasts and discovering new areas or visiting old haunts. The high desserts of the South West are a particularly special place.

What does a typical day for Brett Stevens look like?

Currently my diary is loaded with commercial work for Editorial, Advertising and Digital Clients so working closely with Art Directors, Stylists, Food Editors and Creative Directors on a daily basis is the norm. I am hoping to continue on with some personal endeavours early in the New Year with journeys to the Middle East, the Americas and some national destinations on the planning board.