We had the opportunity in the office recently to indulge in a custom Loco Love cake and we were inspired to get behind the brand and find out from Emica how she gets all the ‘love’ into her amazing treats … 03508598-C917-402B-8425-9033708F398F Loco Love is a brand new business close to your heart, can you tell us how the business and the idea began and why you started? Honestly, it wasn’t something I had planned or even considered, it just happened. At the time, I was working as a naturopath and really missed being a creative. Loco Love was born in my tiny kitchen, we started with one stockist and that quickly grew to more. Following this path has led me to a deeper understanding of synchronicity and heart fuelled pursuits. Even when you’re working two jobs, if it’s something you believe in you always find the energy for it. I can’t say it was easy though I was inspired and things just kept on unfolding perfectly. I did start meditating at the same time and stopped trying to think my way into what I should do with my life, I let go of that question that had plagued me forever and surrendered to the unknown. I realised this a few months into the whole process that the mission behind Loco Love was to spread love, in chocolate form, cacao. Food opens the heart and releases similar hormones in the brain as when we fall in love. Personally, I have this strong moral compass that doesn’t allow me to do things I don’t believe in; Luckily Loco Love fulfils this. I believe in making people’s lives more pleasurable and love filled with wholesome ingredients, even if it just for a moment whilst they enjoy our chocolate. We use all organic ingredients, as this is important to me and I feel our individual choices culminate to make global shifts. I also believe in giving our personal gifts to the world and I guess at this stage making chocolate is my gift. 383635D9-3DCD-4844-9CCE-78520B086593 What’s your proudest career achievement? I don’t think I have reached it yet; I am so grateful to be able to do what I love and proud of myself for not settling into a job I wasn’t proud of or aligned with. My father always told me just to do what I love and that way I would never work a day in my life. I am proud of myself for choosing my happiness and peace of mind above anything else. Hopefully, some more achievements to come, I am one of those people that is already on to the next thing without really acknowledging how far I have come. 581425CC-76BE-4B45-A488-F2F3CE32D44F Where do you draw your inspiration for your chocolates and cakes? I usually just come up with an idea on the spot, no prior conscious thought goes into it. All of my recipes were created at first attempt; I know that sounds impossible and annoying though it just comes to me in the process and moment. Saying that I obviously had to learn certain skills and knowledge to be able to do this, years of working as a naturopath and modelling, exposed me to the world’s best health foods. Also loved cooking since I was a child, always making up recipes and in the kitchen constantly. There are so many ideas I haven’t given life to, that I would like to in time. I am never short of inspiration that’s for sure.   A few quick questions to get to know you a little better – Coffee or Tea? Morning person or night owl? Homebody or adventurer? Sweet tooth or savoury? TEA – Matcha green tea with coconut milk Both depending on the day, I love watching the sun rise and writing early in the morning. Though I also love the beach at night when no one else is around, under the moonlight. Both, I love being at home especially in Sydney, as there is so much I want to read, write, listen to, create. I absolutely love adventure, though, it’s a huge part of my life and inspires me more than anything else. Both, I am never really a one-sided kind of person, saying this I don’t like sickly sweet things. 43FF0661-2BB1-40C1-8DB5-FDFA8D9C5376 Some words to live by? So many words, though words mean nothing unless followed by actions. I will choose what we have on our packaging and that is to live in love. For me, it has a much deeper meaning than what it can appear to. At first, my definition of love is so multifaceted – there are so many types. Though I believe to truly understand love we must first understand how to love ourselves, this sound egotistical though it is the opposite. Self-love means to realise you are part of all that exists, and to love yourself truthfully means you accept and love all, including the stuff you judge. Anyways, love is one of my favourite concepts. Some more words are, have fun and don’t take any moment for granted, be grateful and present in every moment of your life. If you don’t like something change it, don’t wait for it to change you. Thank you for reading!! Xx