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Kingsford Residence

“A focus on natural materials and a neutral pallete makes this home easy to live in and maintain…”

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This is the first phase of a larger renovation project at the Kingsford House and was carried out in 2011.  It was designed and project managed by The Design Hunter and built by B2 Construction, and completed in a 12 week time frame.  The work involved re-configuring a poor layout, a new kitchen and bathroom, new floors and bi-fold doors and landscaping work.  The plans were designed and processed using the new SEPP guidelines for Compliant Development which compressed timeframes and kept costs down.  A focus on natural materials and a neutral pallete makes this home easy to live in and maintain – concrete and timber floors, solid timber joinery, and natural stone are repeated throughout the home to bring a cohesive feel throughout. Phase 2 of the renovation involved the addition of 3 bedrooms and an ensuite and walk-in robe upstairs.

Building Designer: The Design Hunter
Interior Designer: The Design Hunter
Engineer: Northern Beaches Consulting Engineers
Certifier: Anthony Protas Consulting
Photographer: Paramount Studios 


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