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Kensington Residence

“…I have no hesitation in recommending and vouching for Melissa’s capabilities.”

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The Kensington House was a major renovation and  The Design Hunter was able to assist with a series of building challenges the owners were facing, as well as provide guidance with regards to layouts,  joinery design and the selection of fixtures, fittings and finishes.

“My wife and I were 8 months into the renovation of our freestanding house in Kensington (which we thought would take 10 months) when we discovered some very serious issues with regards to our builder. Upon investigation it quickly became apparent that the builder was acting fraudulently and in a sub-standard manner in many aspects of the build. Melissa had been assisting us informally from early on providing valuable insights with regards to interiors and the building process, but her skills and composure really came to the fore when we made this discovery. Melissa quickly spelt out our options – how best to replace the builder and the impact the decisions would have on us from a monetary and emotional perspective. Melissa helped us engage legal help immediately and more importantly the services of another builder very quickly. She then managed the final negotiation for the exit of the builder with very little involvement from us due to the emotional nature of the situation. Melissa always acted in a very professional manner – was overall very organised with meetings, paperwork etc to keep us involved throughout the process. In summary, Melissa used her skills to turn a somewhat explosive and unhappy experience into something that I now look back on as having a rewarding end – that may not sound like much of a compliment but if the full extent of the situation could be explained, you would understand that this is a very high compliment.”

— Dugald Lamont


Building Designer: Jessica Matson Architect
Building Project Management: The Design Hunter 
Certifier: Anthony Protas Consulting
Photographer: Paramount Studios 



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