Designer Kitchen Tips with Margo Reed

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There are many things to think about when designing your perfect kitchen. Whilst functionality is first and foremost once we’ve mapped out what works best for you and your space the fun starts with selecting the right colours and finishes.

Due to the kitchen being a work zone we recommend finishes to be hardwearing as well as visually appealing. The splash back is a great area to be a little more creative either with colour, pattern or finish.

Below are some examples to think of for your next renovation.

1. A simple but effective option is to continue the benc htop up the wall. Here the simplicity of the bench and splash makes the texture of the stonewall be the focus.


2.For a glamorous look, this wall of glittering metal mosaic tiles are a standout feature.


3.To add extra natural light into your space swap your splashback for a window and bring the outdoors in for your view.


4.For an industrial look stainless steel is a winner and ages beautifully over time.

a7557e855916ca2b86c93a673c0481a3 (1)

5.Bold patterned tiles create character and a wow factor. Add colour to bump it up even further.


6.Natural stones like marble add beautiful patterns with each slab differing from the last.


Work In Progress: Glebe Residence

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This beautiful three storey Victorian terrace is currently being updated by The Design Hunter and B2 Construction teams. Renovations including brand new outdoor decking, a stunning, modern bathroom and laundry and a stylish new kitchen are all set to add functionality, value and beauty to this family home.

Other works include:

Opening of entrance wall into kitchen
Extension of kitchen window onto deck – including DA
New built-in robes to bedrooms
New traditional wrought iron railing to front and back balconies
New paint throughout – using Resene Quarter Tea with Dulux Vivid White trim
New exterior painting
Timber flooring to be sanded and stained
Bi-fold doors to lower deck
New exterior lighting
Glass balustrade to staircase throughout all three levels to open up the entrance and general spaces
General building repairs

Stay tuned to see the finished project in the next few weeks!





Beautifully Dark & Moody Interiors

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One of the hottest designers in the UK, Abigail Ahern is renowned for her edgy, eclectic taste and her bold use of dark colours. We love how she is able to create dark, moody spaces that have a warmth and brightness about them. You can achieve this look by combining dark paint colours such as Porter’s Paints Obsidian, Dulux Domino and Murobond Dark & Stormy and then adding splashes of metallics, bright colours, neons and white with lighting, accessories and soft furnishings.










Welcome to 316 Bronte Road!

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Our new store is open for trading! Pop in to at 316 Bronte Road, Waverley, to see an amazing array of new homewares, furniture and more!

DH 270514 01

DH 270514 04

DH 270514 06    DH 270514 17

DH 270514 12

DH 270514 19

DH 270514 21    DH 270514 33

The Design Hunter Property Styling Tips

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We’ve outlined our top tips for styling your home to entice potential buyers.

Display only your best pieces. Have someone you trust help you decide what needs to go into storage and what can be displayed. The more minimal and light your home looks and feels, the easier it will be for potential buyers to imagine their own furniture and homewares in the space. Subtract, and then subtract some more.


Add texture and colour with plants and fruit
Instead of the usual bunch of flowers that need replacing regularly, go for hardy, indoor plants such as Agave or a Fiddle Leaf Fig, that will look fabulous for the duration of your sales campaign. Fresh fruit displayed in a beautiful bowl is also a great option for adding colour to kitchen and dining areas.

Colour palette
Your photographs will look great if you maintain a limited colour palette in each room, which can be achieved by layering a selection of neutral colours and textures and adding a pop of bright colour or flash of metallics with accessories or artwork.

Design Hunter 0913 01

Groups of items on a coffee table, bedside or sideboard always look better in odd numbers. Pick the best 3 or 5 items to display depending on the size of the surface area.


Focal Point
Use one large-scale piece, such as an upholstered armchair, an artwork, or a colourful rug, to create a focal point in each room.


Fear not!
If you don’t have time to worry about styling and if you’d rather have a professional manage it for you, The Design Hunter styling team are more than happy to help! Rather than completely clear out the entire contents of your home, we organise a simple edit of your existing belongings, and then add elements including art, soft furnishings, candles, indoor plants and small furniture pieces to bring out the best features of your home and create the ideal ambiance for potential buyers. Click here to read more about our Property Styling services.


Our Grand Opening Event

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Some photos of the Grand Opening of our new store, 316 Bronte Road, Waverley! Thank you to everyone who attended. A big thank you to House and Garden, The Charing Cross Hotel and 7 Star Supermarket for supporting the event with magazines, wine and cheese, and to Haikoo Massage, Elysium Spa, The Gallery Store and Bellagio for supplying some wonderful prizes. Stay tuned for more exciting events and workshops to be held in our store and studio in the coming months, including a fabulous workshop with Australian artist, Lisa Madigan! More details to be announced soon!


















Welcome to our New Store!

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Thursday the 29th of May will be the official launch event. We’ll be open extended hours from 8:30am-8:30pm. Join us throughout the day for fantastic prizes and giveaways and in the afternoon, enjoy a glass of bubbles while you browse from 4pm! Prizes and giveaways include products from Leif, Annabelle Stone, Atelier Lumira, Uashmama, and vouchers from Haikoo Massage, Elysium Spa and much more!


Don’t forget to enter our InstaGiveaway Competition! Simply take a pic of your favourite new piece in store, and post to Instagram with the tag @designhunter and #thedesignhunter. The winner will be chosen on Sunday 1st of June at 5pm and will win a beautiful Australian Sheepskin valued at $225!


The Ideal Office Space

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Almira Armstrong_0150

The Design Hunter styling team recently assisted one of our favourite suppliers, Almira Armstrong, Director of Lumira Candles, with a photoshoot of her home office. Home offices needn’t be grey and drab! Create an inspiring working environment in your home with these tips from our stylists:

1. Indoor plants are a great addition to any workspace. They’ll help to filter your air and look beautiful too! Our favourites are Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, succulents such as Agave or Money Plants/Jade Trees or Zanzibar Gem plants.

2. A comfortable office chair is important if you’ll be spending a lot of time at your desk, so make sure you choose a chair that is both ergonomically supportive and aesthetically pleasing. A popular choice is the classic Eames Aluminium Group task chairs.

3. Incorporate inspirational books and photographs to give your space personality. Shelves can store a combination of essential office supplies as well as a few fun, decorative pieces to create a functional, yet inviting work environment.

4. Try to position your workspace near natural light and avoid depending solely on overhead lighting, as it can make your space feel flat and lifeless. Use a stylish yet practical desk lamp instead for functional, task based lighting.

5. Don’t forget to add your favourite scented candle as the final touch for your workspace. Lumira has just released their latest fragrance, No. 352, which is available now at The Design Hunter. Click to view more of the Atelier Lumira candle range.

Almira Armstrong_0079



The Magnolia Fair This Saturday

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Join us at the annual Magnolia Fair at St Catherine’s School this Saturday May 10. With so many rides, stalls and activities to choose from it’s set to be a fantastic day!


5 Minutes With…Fromage La Rue

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Tell us a bit on how Fromage La Rue began?
We began in 2009 when I had just had our 2nd child and Kane was (and still is) running our other business Lucid Metal ( Kane needed an outlet to express his creative aspirations and he hired a tiny shed in the hinterland and started tinkering first with resin, then plywood and then finally lights in the shape of letters. We never set out to create a business or saw a niche in the market. We’d both been into signs and Vegas style lighting for years, way before we married in 2003. We didn’t expect the first light to sell let alone create demand! I sent the light off in homemade press release to Babyology and the rest is history! If we had of known the lights would take off wee might have created a name that made sense and that French people didn’t laugh at! (it roughly translates to “Cheese of the Street”). To be honest though, it’s stuck now, and our brand is very tongue in cheek and a bit cheesy, so it’s works ;)


Where does your inspiration come from?
We’re inspired by original design. We love typography and pattern. We look to lots of different sources, from fabric to industrial building sites, worn down discarded objects, rusted materials (even though we don’t use them), graffiti, epic scale (we LOVE big stuff), challenging people’s perception of what’s the “right” size to make something is fun. We also love cheesy American glamour and glitz, if we were let loose in the States, (which we plan to be), we’d hang out at Walmart and people watch, we’d visit the Neon Museum in Las Vegas and check out all the novelty based stuff that the U.S is known for. I’d also stalk the vintage stores and come back with vintage glass and cowboy boots!

We are so envious that you live in one of our favourite places, Byron Bay. What are some of your favourite local spots?
Ah so many to list, food wise we love Harvest Cafe (best coffee EVER), The Roadhouse cafe (totally cool restaurant doing epic things with food and whiskey), Red Ginger for Yum Cha, the Bangalow and Byron food markets are always fantastic, full of local organic produce. The beaches are all incredible but we love The Pass, Cosy Corner near the Lighthouse, and when the tides creates the perfect little swimming spots for kids, it would be anywhere along the main beach.

kane working

Besides creating beautiful lighting designs, what else are you passionate about?
Kane’s passionate about flying his drone right now (it’s like a mini-helicopter with a camera mounted to it, I think most guys will know what I’m talking about), he gets home, the iPad comes out and he and the kids fly that thing around for ages, yay for me, I get to sit down! We love watching TV series together, Breaking Bad, Flight of the Conchords, Deadwood etc. We love SBS and ABC documentaries, anything about people, people generally fascinate us. We’re passionate about our kids of course and our 7 year old daughter just instigated “family art” time after dinner, so we all sit down and make one piece of work and then all talk about it. It’s pretty funny and not serious at all. She’s determined to be an artist. We’re into being as green as we can, we kind of bought a recycled house, we live in a relocatable original Queenslander, brought down from Brisbane and renovated. We love that it could have been demolished and made way for apartments, but instead it’s down in the country for hopefully 100 or more years to come. Travel would be on the list too, before kids we’d travelled a lot together, and our next destinations when budget and time allows would be Las Vegas (to visit the Boneyard!), Telluride (to ski of course, I don’t, but Kane is awesome), anywhere in Italy (revisit our honeymoon) and Sweden (we love Swedish design).


How would you describe your personal style?
Kane is whatever he throws on in the morning and shock horror, mostly it’s Kmart Coca Cola t-shirts. He’s not at ALL into clothes, doesn’t care, they are purely functional to him. My personal style would be best described as laid back, very Byron, lots of maxi skirts and dresses, sandals (I’m tall so heels are out). I love all the local designers like Goddess of Babylon and Spell, they make beautiful feminine beachy stuff that just works up here. I don’t miss my Sydney wardrobe! I LOVE prints, and also buy a bit of Mr Zimi for that reason, I also love Gorman, so yeah, spots and patterns are my favs.

What are the three words that sum up Fromage La Rue designs?
Brash, Loud, Ironic

Finish this sentence: I never leave home without: coffee, I buy furniture, art and homewares that: have a history or can tell a story and I live by the philosophy that: life’s too short to drink bad wine.








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