5 minutes with…Triumph & Disaster

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In the lead up to Father’s Day we chatted to Dion Nash, the sun loving cricketer from Auckland turned skincare guru. From the helm of Triumph & Disaster, his men’s skincare collection with a difference, Dion gives us an insight into why products from Triumph & Disaster make great gifts for Dad or for any of the men if your life.

T&D Dion Portraits-6

Please tell us a bit about what led you to create the Triumph & Disaster collection?
I played professional cricket for a decade in my twenties before going to work for a New Zealand Vodka company called 42Below, both experiences have really led me to create T&D. I spent many long hours in the sun and learnt that protection from the elements is essential. This was helped after I read an interview with Rod Stewart where he said the secret to his youth was oil of Olay, so I stole my mother’s pot of this cream and never looked back. I like to think that being in the sun gave me an industrial knowledge of skin and which products work and which don’t. I learnt branding at 42below and on a visit to Brooklyn witnessed the hipsters there grooming themselves and I realised that it was a category I knew well and that was the start really. I cashed in my job and started Triumph & Disaster.


Tell us three reasons Triumph & Disaster products are a great purchase for Dad this Fathers Day:
1. The range has been created with a guy’s sensibility at the forefront of the development, this means we really have thought about how a guy uses these products and what role each product plays in a guy’s routine.
2. Unique and clinically proven, natural New Zealand ingredients such as Horopito for healing, Ponga fern for lift and toning and Kawakawa leaf for antioxidant and nourishing value means our products are safe, sustainable and super gentle on your skin.
3. Because Dad understands that life is about dealing with triumph and disaster and ‘ treating those two impostors just the same’ and that it is important to prepare well each day using great products, to take time to ground yourself and breathe in before embracing the day.


Besides working on the T&D collection, what else are you passionate about?
Music and people. We are having heaps of fun building a team and bonding as a working unit. in so far as music goes I am a passionate but misguided guitar paler, it has been said that I have my very own sense of timing.


How would you describe your personal style? boho chic meets fading sports jock
If money was no object, which 3 items would you purchase for your home? A Picasso, A Monet and an original Gibson SG.

Finish this sentence: I never leave home without:
cleaning my teeth

Whereabouts in NZ are you from and what are your 3 favourite local spots?
I live in Auckland. I love visiting Waiheke island for wine and to play, Wanaka to ski and to Play and Herne bay to live and to play.


Finish this sentence: I prefer to buy furniture, art and homewares that…evolve my own personal sense of style and I live by the philosophy that…you should try to leave things better than you found them.


Happy Father’s Day cowboys!


Before & After: Property Styling by The Design Hunter

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As we head in to the infamous “Spring” market for real estate sales we’ve been taking a look back through some of our favourite Property Styling projects. The Design Hunter styling team performed their talented handiwork on this beautiful terrace house to prepare it for auction. Working with some of the family’s existing furniture and decor, the team simplified, decluttered and added artworks, soft furnishings, greenery, lamps, bedlinen and more to create a modern yet warm and inviting ambience.

Entrance Before & After:



Master Bedroom Before & After:



Dining Room Before & After:



Kitchen Before & After:



Living Room Before & After:



Back garden Before & After:



If you are looking to create a similar transformation in your home, contact us to chat about your requirements. Email us at info@thedesignhunter.com.au or call 02 9386 9638.


Little bit obsessed with…Metallics

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We are shamelessly obsessed with the metallic trend in interiors at the moment! Here are some of our favourite images from our Metallics Pinterest Board that show some seriously cool ways to incorporate metallics into living spaces. Anything from silver, gold, rose gold, copper, bronze and brass, we want it in our homes and on our desks! Luckily lot’s of new pieces have arrived in store to satisfy our thirst for all things shiny. Scroll down to see our new Gold Dot wall decals, bronze Origami pendant lights, Copper Uashmama bags and more!

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Zakkia_Brass Tray Large_MG_6735

Zakkia_gold dots wall decals_MG_6780

Zakkia_Precious brass knob_2


UASHMAMA_0288_1024x1024 UASHMAMA_0287_1024x1024


Jardan Product Launch, Sydney

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Last week The Design Hunter team visited the Jardan showroom for the launch of their latest range of stunning pieces. Love going to Jardan as the showroom is so beautifully styled and the are staff always so friendly and helpful.
As we perused the new collections we were impressed by the new range of quilted cotton bed linen and soft furnishings. Another staff favourite was the new Sol lighting range, featuring a timber veneer shade (see some pics below). It’s simple form and combination of materials is beautiful in both the table and floor lamp version.
We’re also all still obsessed with the Wilfred sofa. It’s definitely an unrequited love affair here at the office and regularly comes up when we play our favourite game; “Ten furniture pieces you’d buy for yourself if money was no object .” 
The Design Hunter team aren’t shy when it comes to their love of food and the unique and delicious catering by Mario’s Kitchen was amazing! Cant recommend them enough! The only question we had at the end of the night was;  ‘Lemon tart or chocolate???!”

Mail Attachment-9




Mail Attachment-5

Mail Attachment-6

Mail Attachment-7

Mail Attachment-8

photo 1


Authentic Italian in Balmain: Mantecato

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This week we chatted to our assistant designer, Larissa Raywood, who designed the interior of this amazing Italian restaurant in Balmain with her partner, Paolo and his twin brother Marco Orso.


What was the inspiration for the fit out at Mantecato? My inspiration for the fit out came directly from spending time in Italy a few years back and falling in love with their passion of food, freshness and the focus of planning your day around eating. From the markets of Venice to dinner at Mamma’s house near the Amalfi Coast this communal idea of eating, sharing stories and feeling at home is where I was headed. An updated freshness to your typical trattoria.

What were some of the challenges faced with the project? Having a two-week deadline, putting all your hopes in different trades and trusting it all comes together how you envisioned and planned. (Not to mention a new job – and an awful cold in between)

Did you source any of your items from any interesting places? Serviettes were handmade by one of the owners mums in Italy along with the upholstered bench cushion. But my favourite locally sourced item is the butchers block entrance table – an Australian original which dates back to the 1920′s.



What is your favourite thing about the project? Definitely the wine box wall – it’s the first thing you see entering the space, a repurposed wonder with every box holding a story for these guys who are obsessed with their wines – especially the imported Italian ones. So I literally have their passion plastered on the wall which also functions as a storage and serving station.


LOCATION: 129, 85 Reynolds Street, Balmain, Sydney NSW 2041, Australia [At the roundabout crossing Hyam St + Reynolds St]
PHONE: 02 9810 9125
HOURS: M closed T–Su 6pm-10pm

Mention this article when booking and you will receive a free limoncello liqueur at the end of your meal!








Design Hunting in Melbourne

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Last week our Interiors Consultant, Steph Waterman, headed south of the border to check out Life Instyle Melbourne. Despite the pouring rain, she soldiered on and discovered some beautiful new treasures, great shopping spots and gorgeous cafes.


What was your itinerary for homewares shopping in Melbourne? My first stop was the amazing Weylandts showroom to source furniture and decor for some decorating clients and then an early lunch and rooibos latte at The Kitchen located in the showroom. Then I visit the colourful Fenton & Fenton store and checked out the new Mr Fenton rug range in their upstairs showroom. A short walk down the road is Loom Rugs with their latest range of rugs from Turkey. I also headed into the city to check out the new H&M Home store and international sensation Muji for some quirky desk accessories.

Fave new finds at Life In Style? I loved the new range from Sheets On The Line. Designed in Australia, made from certified organic cotton – I loved the sophisticated palette and introduction of patterns such as the Breezeblock.
I also loved visiting one of our newest stockists for summer – Basil Bangs. With bold patterns and a new range of Love Rugs, I know what’s on my wish list coming into summer!

Any trends in homewares that you picked up on while in Melbourne? Copper was still very prominent throughout the summer ranges although a turn towards brass was evident with some of our favourite brands showcasing lights and accessories in brass. Pastels were popular in ceramics (my personal obsession) with Canberra based label Bison showcasing a muted palette in soft blues and sea foam greens.

Favourite Melb cafe? In South Yarra Two Birds One Stone’s Chai yogurt pannacotta with winter fruits is absolutely delicious and The Kitchen at Weylandts was my favourite spot for lunch.

Favoruite place to stay: The Lyall Hotel is a boutique hotel privately owned and operated and is quietly located just off Toorak Road in South Yarra. Its incredibly peaceful and relaxing with a contemporary oriental interior. It’s the perfect accommodation after a long day of pavement pounding with a champagne bar perfect for unwinding.

5 minutes with…Danielle Cross

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This week we’ve been chatting to the lovely local artist, Danielle Cross, who currently has a few of her works on display at The Design Hunter.

Please tell us a bit about what led you to become an artist?
My artistic background started from a early age in a very creative family, within both fine arts and performing arts.
My secondary school years where always spent in the Visual Arts studio. Upon leaving school, I studied Interior Design at Enmore Design Centre. This gave my a great knowledge and ground in design elements and colour psychology.
I was consistently painting during those years and while living abroad I started receiving painting commissions. Through this process I started to take my career as a professional artist more seriously and on our relocation back to Sydney I held a successful pop up art show in which over 85% of artworks sold. “The rest in history” as they say!


Where does your inspiration come from?
A lot of my inspiration come from visual and emotional memories of times spent abroad. My Italian heritage and time living in France, the European way of life in general are all great influences! Inspiration also can come from the everyday experiences. There is magic that happens in our everyday lives when we let ourselves go and experience.


As a local Eastern Suburbs girl, what are some of your favourite local spots?
Ruby’s Diner for a dingo (3/4 Latte) and a raw breakfast salad, amazing!!
Vacanza, Charing Cross for seriously the best italian pizza! Il Pizzaiolo del Diavola is my fave.
Summer afternoons at North Bondi Beach and cocktails at The Cubby House in Randwick.
As we just adopted a rescue dog, Frankie, we also spend most afternoons in Varna park.

Besides creating stunning paintings, what else are you passionate about?
Considering my interiors background I continually change design elements including furniture, layout, colours etc. It has become a running joke with my husband and daughters as the house is never the same as when they left it!
I’m also passionate about making more time for Yoga and green juices and teaching my girls, (Marley, 9 and Evy, 5), that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is based on mood and comfort. It mainly consists of jeans & killer shoes, Nike sky high’s are on high rotations at the moment! Bold heels for evening.
I would say my style is edgy, blended & bold.


What are the three words that sum up your work?
Layered, abstract, bold.



I never leave home without:
Unfortunately I’d have to say my phone, as my whole life is in it! And red lipstick!

I buy furniture, art and homewares that:
Speaks to me! I strongly believe that you have to fall in love with key pieces. Home interiors need to connect with you as it’s your sanctuary and place to feel the most relaxed, comfortable and connected.

I leave by the philosophy that:
“Luck is a skill.” We work hard to put ourselves in a position to be lucky, therefore I believe luck is a skill.
Also that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s more like a cha-cha!!

Danielle has two of her work’s, Ruby Sky and Cold Snap, on display at The Design Hunter and is also currently holding an exhibition of her work entitled Xamoré, at the Sydney Children’s Hopsital, Randwick which runs until August.


Before & After: Vaucluse Residence

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This stunning family home in Vaucluse needed a few updates to give it a fresher, more modern look and to better reflect the owner’s personal style. We’re still in the process of finishing off some of the rooms, but we thought we’d unveil some of the latest changes.

Kitchen: The large kitchen was already quite functional, so all that was required was a bit of a revamp. The Design Hunter team had the cabinets resprayed in Dulux Vivid White and added new drawer handles. A fresh coat of Dulux Vivid White was also applied to the walls and ceiling throughout the home, the overhead lighting was updated and vintage Vietnamese fish traps were hung as pendant lights. The look was completed by updating the charcoal paint on the rear wall to Porter’s Paint Thoroughbred and adding a set of beautiful Seville bar stools.



Foyer: The floor boards were in great condition, but the yellow tone of the timber looked dated. To freshen it up, the floors throughout were sanded back and refinished in a more muted, custom tone from Porter’s Paints. Interiors Consultant, Stephanie Waterman, sourced a new rug, pendant light, table and indoor plants to complete the space and complement some of the owner’s existing furniture and artworks.



Study: Previously used as a storage and entertainment area, the owner wanted to turn this into a functional study space with a desk and overhead storage that related well to the rest of the home and reflected her eclectic taste. The open shelves now display books and treasures and the custom pin-board is a stylish way to incorporate the owner’s favourite green and blue tones.


STUDY after

Stay tuned for more before and after shots of this home in the next few weeks! If you would like to make similar updates to your home, why not give us a call! We’re available Monday to Friday between 10 and 5 on 02 9369 3322 or email info@thedesignhunter.com.au.

Designer Kitchen Tips with Margo Reed

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There are many things to think about when designing your perfect kitchen. Whilst functionality is first and foremost once we’ve mapped out what works best for you and your space the fun starts with selecting the right colours and finishes.

Due to the kitchen being a work zone we recommend finishes to be hardwearing as well as visually appealing. The splash back is a great area to be a little more creative either with colour, pattern or finish.

Below are some examples to think of for your next renovation.

1. A simple but effective option is to continue the benc htop up the wall. Here the simplicity of the bench and splash makes the texture of the stonewall be the focus.


2.For a glamorous look, this wall of glittering metal mosaic tiles are a standout feature.


3.To add extra natural light into your space swap your splashback for a window and bring the outdoors in for your view.


4.For an industrial look stainless steel is a winner and ages beautifully over time.

a7557e855916ca2b86c93a673c0481a3 (1)

5.Bold patterned tiles create character and a wow factor. Add colour to bump it up even further.


6.Natural stones like marble add beautiful patterns with each slab differing from the last.


Work In Progress: Glebe Residence

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This beautiful three storey Victorian terrace is currently being updated by The Design Hunter and B2 Construction teams. Renovations including brand new outdoor decking, a stunning, modern bathroom and laundry and a stylish new kitchen are all set to add functionality, value and beauty to this family home.

Other works include:

Opening of entrance wall into kitchen
Extension of kitchen window onto deck – including DA
New built-in robes to bedrooms
New traditional wrought iron railing to front and back balconies
New paint throughout – using Resene Quarter Tea with Dulux Vivid White trim
New exterior painting
Timber flooring to be sanded and stained
Bi-fold doors to lower deck
New exterior lighting
Glass balustrade to staircase throughout all three levels to open up the entrance and general spaces
General building repairs

Stay tuned to see the finished project in the next few weeks!






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